China Wuxi Sunenergy Lithium Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2005 in Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a manufacturer that integrates production and research and development together, and specializes in production of lithium foil, lithium chips and other lithium products, as anode materials for lithium battery.
Since its establishment, Chinese Wuxi Sunenergy Lithium Industrial Co., Ltd. has adopted a leading international standard production process based on its advanced, mature, new high technology.
          The company has its own completely independent intellectual property rights to high purity lithium production line and battery grade lithium alloy production line, which enable the company to produce high-quality standard battery grade lithium (3N), high pure lithium metal (4N), lithium-aluminum alloy, lithium-magnesium alloy, lithium-silicon alloy, lithium-boron alloy and other products.
          The company also independently owns the complete intellectual property rights to lithium foil production line , composite lithium foil production line and lithium chips production line ,which allow the company to produce the high quality lithium foil, lithium chips, lithium rods and other products. Among them, super wide lithium foil, super thin lithium foil, composite lithium foil, low resistance lithium foil, and high current discharge lithium anode materials are all manufactured with the international leading technology.
          The company’s advanced quality control (QA) technology/system has been certified by ISO9001: 2008 and ISO18000 . The company has a number of well-known technical experts in industry, to guarantee the research and development for high performance anode materials to be used in the lithium battery found in many varieties of applications. Our engineers, production workers, quality control personnel, and account managers make all efforts to ensure the high quality, high performance products for our customers.
          The company's production capacity is about 200 metric tons per year for battery grade lithium and 150 metric tons per year for lithium foil and lithium chips. Our products have been widely used in Li-MnO2 batteries(CR), Li-SOCl2 batteries(ER),Li-FeS2 batteries (FR) ,Li-SO2 batteries (WR) and lithium thermal batteries, and etc.
Due to the fact that we have the leading advanced technology, the high quality, and many varieties in lithium products, our company has the number one market share in Chinese for lithium foil and lithium chips in recent years. Also, our products have been certified by a number of battery manufactures from the United States, France, and Korea, and we become the lithium supplier in quantities for them.
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